Why I make Road Trips and like Culture & Art
With JohnsCreativeWorld Instagram, blogs and website, I choose a new path at the age of 66 years. After a “detour”, I return to my old and trusted route: photography & writing. In my profession as a producer of informational programs and documentaries for well-known companies and organizations, I was involved in image & sound for quite some time.

Looking over the shoulders of an Artist
For the past ten years, I’ve been involved with art. I followed the painter of Realism, Poen de Wijs, photographed and filmed his artistic work. Looking over the shoulder of this Master painter. In consultation with the artist, I compiled 18 digital, multimedia books about his different painting techniques. Video clips are also part of this extensive digital book series. After his death, in 2014, I digitized the archive with the slides (4×5 inch) of all his artworks. I prepared it for reproduction on various “media”. Such as on museum paper, wallpaper and the like. In 2021 I hope to sell the rights to reproduce

his art and all related parts, such as digital books, masterclasses, documentaries and photo shoots. So now my focus is completely on travelling and my creative work.

Tailored to readers
On JohnsCreativeWorld (JCW) website and in blogs attention is paid to my Road Trips. The task of the new magazine is to provide the reader with comprehensive information because I like to go for the complete and above all well-illustrated story. My blogs contain a part of the stories and photographs. Tailored to readers “with less time.” I also try to explain why I make Road Trips through Europe. How I do this, namely minimalistic, with Casa Caddy, and why now.

As varied as possible
To give a complete picture of me and my creative work, JCW regularly focuses on art and photographic subjects, such as travel photography, but also portraits. This creates a nice website and magazine, as varied as possible, which I hope you enjoy.

John Vijlbrief Amalfi Coast

By the way
I am Dutch by birth. I translated my Dutch stories via Grammarly.

In the Dutch language?
For those interested (such as the media/newspapers/magazines): my stories are also available in the Dutch language.

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John M. Vijlbrief