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What Vincent van Gogh saw

ABOUT THE ROAD TRIP SERIES: ‘IN YOUR FOOTSTEPS: WHAT VINCENT VAN GOGH SAW’ Introduction to my series about the living and working places of

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Caddy1300 by John Vijlbrief

I travel my way:
in my Casa Caddy

My tiny house on wheels
The VW Caddy is my cosy place to spend the nights. Believe it or not: a tiny house on wheels! Affectionately called “Casa Caddy” by me. Let me tell you all about this vehicle with its own power plant…
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Roozehoed Kaai by John Vijlbrief

I started in Brugge/Belgium

Walking through the winding streets of Bruges
On this site, I publish new blogs every week. Like about my walking tour through Bruges.

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Matera by John Vijlbrief

A Thurderstorm in Matera!

When I first visited Matera, in the southern Italian province of Basilicata, one of the poorest regions in the country, I became silent with amazement and admiration. I was face to face with the “sesso”, the cave houses. My breath caught. What I saw took me by surprise.

Pierrefonds by John Vijlbrief

Location of the BBC series 'Merlin'

Come with me to Pierrefonds!
I like castles. Such as Pierrefonds near Paris/France. This beautiful structure served as the location for the successful BBC series ‘Merlin’. It will be a magical visit! Go to my BLOG.

Shuttle Transport Saint Michel

The danger of COVID-19

Soon: my visit to Mont Saint Michel
Time and again I postponed my Road Trip.
COVID-19 is the cause. In September 2020 I left and travelled through the ‘safe yellow areas’ of Europe. I felt safe everywhere. But not in the overcrowded shuttle buses at Mont Saint Michel … 

Cadiz Spain by John Vijlbrief

I go live in April!

Follow me live coming April
Due to COVID-19, I had to discontinue my Road Trip in 2020. From coming April on I will be visiting Spain, Portugal and Mallorca. Every day I will post posts & pictures and Reels on my Instagram.

Assisi with friends by John Vijlbrief

Eating with new friends

Dining in Assisi, Umbria
Along the way, I meet different, interesting people. Many artists who tell me about their craft and take me to their workshop. In Assisi in the Italian region of Umbria, they take me out for dinner. Soon you can read about this on my blog.

Claudio Lecce by John Vijlbrief

A very special artist

Fascinated in working with paper-maché
It took some searching in the old and beautiful historic centre of the southern Italian city of Lecce. Better known as the “Florence of Baroque architecture”. I looked for Claudio Riso’s workshop “Cartapesta”. Soon on my blog.